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 Reinstall Video Drivers Completely

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PostSubject: Reinstall Video Drivers Completely   Thu Dec 27, 2012 9:31 pm

gamers'Hawk © 2011


How To: Reinstall Video Drivers (Quick Guide)
Updated 12/12/2011

This works with XP, Vista and Windows 7 with both Nvidia and AMD. Make sure that your motherboard/chipset drivers are updated. If you just added a 2nd card to your system you may need to update your motherboard/chipset drivers again. If you are using CrossFire, have both cards installed with both crossfire bridges installed from the start. This guide is for those of you having driver issues either due to a bad install, swapping in different video cards or what have you. If you have any kind of input, recommendations or suggestions please leave a post in the thread.

Section A : Control Panel

1. Uninstall any video card overclocking programs that are tied to your drivers. (Rivatuner, ATi Tool, etc.)

2. Uninstall video drivers. Generally this is done through the control panel (add/remove programs for XP, Programs and Features for Vista) in Windows. For AMD it's called "AMD Catalyst Install Manager". For Nvidia it's usually labeled as "Nvidia Display Drivers" you want to uninstall. Restart. When restarted don't allow windows to install any drivers for your cards yet, just cancel out. Re-check in add/remove programs - Programs and Features for any remaining AMD/Nvidia display associated drivers.

Section B : Registry

1. Click Start->Run. Type: regedit

2. In the registry editor Click File->Export. Save to your desktop (Now you have a backup of your registry.)

3. Expand the folder "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" (by clicking the "+" sign), then expand the folder "Software".

4. Find and delete any files/folders pertaining to your old video drivers in the Windows folder and Program Files folder(s) BE CAREFUL NOT TO DELETE ANY CHIPSET FILES OR FOLDERS.

5. Follow steps 4 and 5 for the folder "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE. Click File->Exit and you are done.

Section C : Windows

1. Delete the ATi/Nvidia folder on your system drive in the "Program Files" folder or wherever you saved it.

2. Go to the drive that Windows is stored on and double-click on the Windows folder.

3. Delete everything possible in the Temp and Prefetch folders.

4. In Vista/7: Start-->Search-->For Files and Folders. Type ATI in the search box, go to advanced and be sure to tick the box to search unindexed drives (if indexing is off). Two ATi folders should pop up under C:\Users\"yourname"\appdata. Delete both.

Or, you can find the folders manually. These files can be located, but first you need to make sure that you have "Show Hidden Files/Folders" selected under "Folder Options" in the Control Panel. Once done, go to: My Documents-

>AppData->Local and delete the ATi folder. You may find another folder to delete in: My Documents->AppData->Roaming.

5. Run Driver Sweeper

6. Empty the Recycle Bin. Restart.


Install New Drivers &

-Have fun!



Having problems installing new ATi/AMD drivers with errors, etc?


If you are having issues installing new ATi/AMD drivers with getting errors or "other". Do this:

1. Uninstall whatever remaining video drivers are left.

2. Go to the Control Panel --> Programs and Features and delete all instances of Microsoft Visual C++.

3. Install newest drivers and let the Catalyst installation install Microsoft Visual C++ for you.

4. Once driver installation is completed, run Windows Update to make sure you have all Microsoft Visual C++'s that you need.

You're Done!!
Thank You For Reading This Tweak!!

Provided By - Gamers' Hawk
For Any assistance/query
Reply Below!

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Reinstall Video Drivers Completely

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