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 Ultimate GTA IV Fix Guide

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PostSubject: Ultimate GTA IV Fix Guide   Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:13 am


We've seen many patches realesed for GTA IV which was good and some was really Bad.. Well, for some gamers it was improvement but for many it was a bulls***.. Anyway, Today we bring up the new idea to fix Stuttering of the game after few mins of gameplay, Freezing and Other possible fixes.. This guide is copyrighted and not to be copied without permission of the adminstrator.

Steps :
1. You must [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] To gain performance increase..

2. Run your Game and see how much memory is being used in-game with your applied settings [Suppose i have set the game to 1400x900 and every thing high and the bottom bar in graphics shows 985/1024]. Here, 1024 is my Video Ram and 985 is been used by game at the above settings. You must understand it first before proceeding to next step.

2. Set the resolution to 800x600 and use your resonable settings in-game and note the memory usage.. [Suppose we've now set the resolution to 800x600 and we have set the game to play in medium to high settings and we've noted that, now the memory usage is 601/1024].

3. Simple calculations to do now.. After you've noted the memory usage in the 2nd step, all you have to do is divide the current memory usage by your vram.. [As our pc noted 601/1024 after appyling resolution to 800x600 and our resonable settings so now we will divide 601/1024.. The result is 0.5869140625..] Now before proceeding to next step, remember your calculatons/note it..

4. Quit your game after finishing 3rd step and make a text file in gta 4 root directory as "commandline.txt".. Now open the text file and write -height (your resolution you want to play) , -width and write
-availablevidmem (your calculated memory) {Suppose we made a commandline and we wrote like this :
-height 1400
-width 900
-availablevidmem 0.58
and then we save it}

5. Open your game and see if your fps has increased.. If not then read the guide carefully and apply again..

** Note : If you find your game blurry or graphical glitches then run your game, and immediately change your resolution to your favorable resolution before loading your game.. And you must be thinking why we dont write -height 800 -width 600.. Thats because 800x600 is a optimal resolution and you'll forced to play in that 800x600 resolution if you dont write your favorable reasolution in commandline..
Any Problems occurs then post comment...
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Causual Member

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PostSubject: Re: Ultimate GTA IV Fix Guide   Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:27 pm

I did that and it Helped me! Whoa! Thanks man!
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Ultimate GTA IV Fix Guide

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